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Older Woman having blood pressure checked by nurse in a room

Webinar – Virtual Study Designs

Bringing the Study to the Patient: Adoption of Virtual Concepts in Study Design to Optimize the Conduct of Clinical and Observational Research

Virtual study designs are transforming the way biopharmaceutical businesses conduct research. Tactics that decentralize the approach to clinical and observational research are ushering in a new paradigm of efficient data collection and patient centric engagement.

Join UBC’s Biopharmaceutical industry experts, Aaron Berger, Senior Director, Safety, Epidemiology, Registries & Risk Management, Nancy Mulligan, Executive Director, Patient & Physician Services, Bruce Smith (advisory), Executive Director, Scientific & Operational Strategy, and former staff member, Megan White, Supervisor, Program Management, as they take a wide-lensed view of virtual study designs. They discuss ways VSDs impact improved data collection and enhance patient engagement. Click below to access the webinar and visit for more information or to connect with one of our experts.

Link to the Webinar: