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Transforming Rare Disease Research with Federated Data Models

Thursday, January 19, 2023

The rare disease registry landscape consists of small, disjointed data sets stored across different national registries and localized consortia. These data silos, coupled with strict data privacy regulations, limit the collaboration that is needed by researchers to enhance analysis.

In this on-demand webinar, UBC and SymetryML discuss how UBC has partnered with SymetryML and their unique Federated Learning 2.0 platform to overcome data silos and quickly & easily build machine learning models to improve research and outcomes.

Learn about:

  • Improving data sharing & collaboration in registries
  • What is federated learning?
  • How is SymetryML’s federated learning 2.0 different/better?
  • Efficiently building and scaling machine learning models for enhanced analysis

Complete the form below to watch this free, on-demand webinar from UBC’s VP of Peri- & Post-Approval Services Aaron Berger and SymetryML CEO & Co-Founder Dustin O’Dell.