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Leveraging Successful Strategies in Patient Recruitment and Retention

Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit: Pre-Conference Workshop

More and more, sponsors recognize the importance of leveraging a successful patient recruitment and retention strategy from the beginning of a research program. The field of ophthalmology includes a substantial number of rare and orphan diseases. In studies involving rare and orphan diseases, it’s critical to understand the patient journey and the site profile when planning patient recruitment to ensure success in the development process.

Join me on July 25th in Boston at the Ophthalmic Drug Development Summit. I’ll be leading a pre-conference workshop about elements needed for successful patient recruitment, especially in rare disease studies.

I’ll talk about how you can integrate a patient-centric approach to your clinical research programs. I’ll also help you think outside classical patient recruitment strategies to ensure you adopt strategies that help you recruit for niche patient populations. Classical strategies work well to recruit patients in common diseases but rare and orphan indications require tremendous networking and awareness with all stakeholders. Below is a comparison of just some strategies used for traditional recruitment programs versus those for rare and orphan diseases:

In the workshop, we will cover how you can leverage the understanding of the patient journey/pathway to diagnosis and the site and the best ways to engage patient advocacy groups.

I look forward to speaking with you at the conference. If you’d like to connect before or after, feel free to contact me.

To learn more about our big solutions for small patient populations, click here to learn about our Patient and Physician Support Services to find out how UBC can help you do more for your rare disease patients.

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