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DIA 2018 Recap: Heat Maps: Using Claims Data, Predictive Modeling & Data Science, as well as Epidemiology & Scientific Expertise in Understanding, Targeting, and Conducting Effective Patient Recruitment Strategies

Nancy Mulligan discussed effective patient recruitment strategiesIn late June, leaders and scientists converged at the recent Drug Information Association Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, to share ideas and discuss recent trends in the clinical trial landscape. Interest continues to revolve around Real World Evidence and its practical applications for things like site and patient recruitment.

UBC’s Nancy Mulligan, Executive Director of Patient and Physician Services, presented on the essential role that the combination of various data sources, informing Real World Evidence solutions, can play in effectively recruiting the most appropriate patients and sites for clinical trials. This becomes especially powerful when trying to address complexities in making studies more efficient, which is prevalent in rare disease populations. This presentation addressed several key concepts regarding how the use of Heat Maps can lead to greater effectiveness in identifying:

  • Patients
  • Sites
  • Referral Sources

UBC is a leading provider of evidence-generation capabilities and our unique expertise in “identifying the right evidence for the right purpose” sets us apart. Our expertise in evidence-generation supports the optimization of your approval pathway, product positioning, and safety profile maturation.

To learn more about our practical applications in using RWE solutions, please contact us to initiate the discussion on unlocking the value of RWE for your next clinical trial or registry.