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Are You Real World Ready?

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Legislation and guidelines from regulators are increasingly pulling sponsors towards utilizing Real World Data (RWD) in their evidence of product safety and effectiveness. The interoperability of these data sources has also helped the shift towards hybrid and decentralized research.

With new ways to collect Real World Evidence (RWE) and new partners in the market to facilitate these novel approaches, it can be challenging to get your RWE strategy right. In order to undertake critical tasks – like patient identification, meeting commercial positioning and payer value stories in parallel, and contemplating clinical and long-term commercially viable evidence in parallel – sponsors need to understand the critical components of their RWD technology, RWD sourcing, and RWE designs.

UBC’s team of RWE experts discuss the essentials in our 2-minute evidence-generation primer videos below.

Are you confident in your Real World Data strategy?

Learn invaluable technology considerations for evidence generation from UBC’s Director of Enterprise Data Services Jeff Lowry.


What Real World Data types are suitable for your research question?

Dive into the data strategy considerations for your evidence generation needs with Senior Real World Data Epidemiologist Irene Cosmatos.

Why is Real World Evidence important? And how should it affect your program design?

Learn the practical considerations required for comprehensive RWE generation from VP, Peri- & Post-Approval Research Aaron Berger.

UBC’s epidemiology-backed RWD and RWE experts consult on the design of your program, implement the design, and generate robust evidence of product safety, effectiveness, and value. From clinical trial to post-marketing, we cut through the clutter of the various data providers and sources to choose the optimal RWD for your research. We are flexible in this approach due to Mosaic, our proprietary RWD technology platform that is data-source agnostic. To learn more, get in touch with us here.