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First-in-Class Therapy Merits First Class Personalized Support Services

In November 2019, UBC was selected as the reimbursement hub to support the first approved therapy of its kind for the treatment of sickle cell disease, preventing the sickling of red blood cells and decreasing pain episodes associated with the disease long term. UBC quickly advocated to include patient education and adherence services to the program.

Cover for case study about a first-in-class therapy

Carefully considering the patient population and indication before design and launch, UBC customized the program to better meet the needs of patients. UBC’s nimble approach to addressing patient barriers led to incredibly high satisfaction scores and strong adherence to therapy for enrolled patients.

Check out the case study today to learn how UBC’s purpose-built programs best meet the needs of patients and how a combined reimbursement and patient education hub spurred greater adherence for an underserved patient population receiving a first-in-class therapy.

Download the Case Study Here.

To learn more about how UBC’s Patients First philosophy guides personalized patient support services, click here.