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Enriching Registries with Integrated Real-World Data

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Integrating multiple registries into a single, consolidated registry expands the total number of patients in the registry and can expand the data on each patient in the registry. Researchers can now enrich registries and integrated registries with real-world data (RWD) from various disparate sources. This further enhances the information available for each patient, developing a detailed view of disease progression and the safety and effectiveness of therapies.

UBC’s VP of Global Real-World Evidence and Health Economics and Outcomes Research Ying Tabak discusses the power of universal registries in an on-demand webinar of her presentation from SCOPE US 2023. This webinar covers:

  • The technical requirements involved in enriching registries with RWD
  • How to overcome privacy, security, and data quality concerns
  • Multiple case studies
  • And more