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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day ribbonsFebruary 4th is World Cancer Day, a global event on which we are united to spread awareness, education, and hope as it relates to this insidious disease. World Cancer Day highlights the idea that regardless of education, income, or where you live, equal access to life-saving care should be available to everyone. That means equity in access to early detection tools and treatment as well as partnering with a caring support system.

While early detection and advanced oncology treatments are greatly improving the survival rate of cancer patients, new cancer cases also are on the rise. Pharma manufacturers have responded with new oncology therapies, which makes partnering with the right support services organization imperative.

Oncology manufacturers choose UBC because of our depth and breadth of oncology expertise. We are the only organization that can support your product’s entire lifecycle. Through clinical development, risk management strategies, and patient access and support, UBC has the streamlined, comprehensive solutions that your oncology product needs.

UBC has provided clinical development and safety services for more than 75 oncology projects, touching nearly 25,000 subjects and over 3,100 sites. UBC has provided patient access and support services for more than 50 oncology products, including 6 of the top-selling cancer medications.

Our oncology support services are tailored by disease state, product, and patient needs. UBC’s services empower oncology patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals by successfully addressing issues that stand in the way of patient access.

UBC also offers robust adherence support programs designed to enhance patients’ therapeutic journeys. Our nurses are experts in oncology and perform a variety of functions, including telephonic support and patient education through our Clinical Support Centers, Site of Care administration, injection training, and administration of complex specialty products.

Partner with UBC for premier patient care in oncology and more. Click here for more information.