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UBC’S Digital Concierge Transforms Patient Access & Adherence Programs

UBC, a leader in global late-stage and patient support services for the biopharmaceutical industry, introduces UBC Pathways® Engage – a digital concierge that transforms traditional patient education, support, and communications through a combination of proprietary engagement methodologies and mobile messaging technology. UBC Pathways® Engage is purpose-built to help patients start and stay on therapy.

This real-time virtual patient engagement platform features a digital concierge named ‘Linda’ who creates meaningful, informative and long-lasting relationships with patients via their mobile device. An evolution of UBC Pathways®, UBC’s existing comprehensive Connected Health technology suite, UBC Pathways® Engage, comprises a suite of intelligent conversational libraries that transforms traditional patient outreach into meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

According to UBC’s Vice President, Product & Innovation Ronald Lacy, “UBC Pathways® Engage allows communications to be tailored to each patient’s specific therapeutic journey, delivering more meaningful touchpoints and critical updates. We recognize the ever-changing channels patients use to consume information. We’re continually evolving our patient support services to meet those needs. Our innovative patient engagement platform exemplifies the impressive solutions we continue to deliver to the patient support market – from comprehensive cell and gene therapy solutions, to next-generation eBV capabilities and mobile messaging.”

UBC’s patient support programs deliver improved experiences and outcomes through access, education, and care coordination for patients on specialty products. From enrollment to real-time automated benefits, coverage determination, and coordination, UBC Pathways® Engage allows pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers, healthcare providers, and systems to transform traditional patient access and adherence programs.

UBC is truly connecting complex models of care for patients on specialty products, empowering patients to be more directly involved in their care. Delivering critical information and insights 24/7/365 improves the patient experience while creating a more efficient contact center operation to coordinate patient benefits and navigate ongoing care.

Visualization of digital concierge to enhance patient access & adherence