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UBC Expands Next-Generation of UBC Pathways Connected Health

UBC Pathways workflow demonstratedUBC, a leader in hub services technology, announces the release of UBC Pathways Connected Health 2.0.

UBC Pathways 2.0 expands our electronic benefit verification (eBV) network of PBMs to represent over 75% of covered lives. Leveraging our experience in running reimbursement hubs with our experience in technology and claims processing, we are also announcing a new suite of services that sit on top of the PBM price transparency tools. These services will provide the industry with the most robust suite of electronic benefit verifications in a manner that is consistent and easy to use without having to understand the nuances that each PBM possesses. Our solution gives patients and providers with predictable expenses throughout the course of therapy while eliminating many of the time-consuming, manual steps required to obtain this information. Included in these new services are:

• Intelligent Benefit Verification – a combination of pre- and post-processing rules and algorithms, which eliminate the guesswork required to obtain patient benefits through multiple PBM price transparency tools.
• Channel Finder – offers patients and providers all pharmacy options based on benefit plan design.
• Patient Expense Profile – a comprehensive patient expense profile that will help patients understand all phases of their payer benefits as well as combined manufacturer support.
• Coordination of Benefits (COB) – establishes the correct processing rules when multiple benefit coverages are located.

“We have learned so much over the last two years with our PBM and intermediary connections that we are now ready to offer the industry a next generation of support to help patients start and stay on therapy. With the additional PBM coverage as well as our new services that extend the industry’s standard benefit checks, UBC can offer our clients eBV services that will improve the speed at which their patients and prescribers understand the benefits and options for starting therapy.”  Ron Lacy, Vice President of Product and Innovation for UBC added.

UBC Pathways was designed to help expedite patient access to pharmaceutical therapies and increase patient support operational performance using tools such as electronic enrollment, electronic consent, and electronic benefit checks for both medical and pharmacy benefits. UBC Pathways has successfully processed over 100,000 transactions for over 30 large enterprise programs. In 2015, UBC made a substantial investment to start UBC Pathways and we have continued this industry-leading solution with the announcement of UBC Pathways™ 2.0.

UBC continues to power our products and services through innovative technologies and approaches that facilitate access to prescribed medications, reduce the burden on providers and patients, and improve the speed at which patients and providers understand their benefit details, thus improving the speed to therapy.