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UBC’s Research Named Best Paper In Real World Evidence & Big Data Track During 2021 PharmaSug  Conference

Irene Cosmatos’ and Michael Bulgrien’s paper “Standardizing Laboratory Data from Diverse Real-World Data” was recognized as the Best Paper in the Real World Evidence/Big Data track of PharmaSUG 2021.

Every year, PharmaSUG brings together life science and health research professionals focused on the applications of technical solutions in data analytics and regulatory support. During the Real World Evidence/Big Data track, UBC was honored to present our approach to standardizing diverse laboratory data from electronic medical record databases.  Diversity in the naming conventions for laboratory tests and the reporting of laboratory results presents a significant challenge for generating meaningful real-world evidence to support healthcare decision-making. UBC’s Irene Cosmatos, Senior RWD Epidemiologist, and Michael Bulgrien, Senior Data Analytics Project Manager, developed the manuscript and associated presentation based on their many years of experience in designing, implementing, and evaluating real world evidence studies using global real-world databases. The manuscript was named Best Paper in this track.

The recorded presentation is below, and you can also access the abstract here.

UBC, a technology-forward company, is proud to receive this award that recognizes our contribution to the continuously growing but complex field of healthcare data informatics.  UBC’s multidisciplinary team of epidemiologists, database specialists, outcomes researchers, clinicians, and statisticians are always striving to improve the approaches to RWD evaluation that can generate valuable insights into disease understanding and improved patient care. To learn more about UBC’s approach to identify the right data for the right purpose and the leading technology infrastructure that powers our studies, head here.