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UBC Announces Acquisition of Marketshare Movers (“MSM”)

UBC Patient Access Services adds comprehensive affordability services to help patients overcome financial barriers to starting and staying on therapy while helping life-science companies with optimal benefit designs

BLUE BELL, PA., March 9, 2022 – UBC announced today that it has acquired Marketshare Movers (“MSM”), a data-driven prescription drug benefit and affordability company. As prescription drug affordability continues to be a leading driver of prescription abandonment and dosing reductions in healthcare today, developing strategies surrounding patient affordability programs will continue to be front and center in today’s market. With this acquisition, UBC is extending its services to include an innovative affordability solution to patients and clients.

UBC and MarketShare Movers (MSM) logos

“This acquisition enriches what we can offer to our current and future clients, inclusive of adding a full-service co-pay offering,” said Nicole Hebbert, Senior Vice President, UBC Patient Access Services. “The MSM Team will bring a specific expertise in modeling affordability programs to achieve optimal access to patients. By leveraging a new set of tools from MSM we will be able to help more patients achieve rapid access to medications and achieve their therapeutic goals. MSM adds to the decades of experience that UBC brings to our patient access, engagement, and clinical nursing support services translating into compelling, evidence-based recommendations for clients to consider.”

“Using MSM’s consultative approach and proprietary analytics, UBC will now partner with clients to design and implement advanced and integrated patient co-pay benefit programs. This allows our clients to leverage our analysis and track the ongoing, multi-tiered impact of each benefit design and gross to net” said Kevin Kane, Founder, Marketshare Movers.

“Our customers continue to challenge us to find new and innovative ways to help patients start and stay on therapy. I look forward to combining MSM’s proprietary analytics methods with UBC’s access services, to offer our clients new options to improve patient access with minimized total cost,” said Patrick Lindsay, UBC President and CEO.

UBC looks forward to bringing these capabilities forward to our current and future clients through comprehensive insights-based approaches to co-pay and affordability programs.

About UBC

United BioSource LLC (UBC) is a leader in the biopharmaceutical market which provides integrated clinical, safety, and commercialization services. UBC brings together renowned scientific research and operations experts with innovative technologies, allowing for the best patient and healthcare provider experience. Comprehensive, end-to-end services cover product and patient population characterization during development and market entry, as well as a focus on the patient experience, safety, and adherence. For additional information, go here or contact us here.

About Marketshare Movers (MSM)

Marketshare Movers (MSM) is more than simply a benefits service company. MSM is an affordability company able to execute projects quickly in retail, specialty, and buy/bill (medical benefit) co-pay settings. We are pioneers in the business and support all areas of execution including pharmacy adjudication, web strategies and implementation, and printing/mail services. We navigate co-pay benefit services programs by bringing patient access opportunities to your attention.