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UBC Pathways® Engage

Patient Engagement

UBC Pathways® Engage, our trusted intelligent mobile messaging virtual assistant, creates meaningful relationships with your patients across the entire healthcare continuum.

Linda, UBC's Virtual AssistantIt can be challenging to connect and engage with patients in a digital world. With patients becoming more involved in their care and participation in research, accessing and engaging patients becomes critical to drive results and increase participation in programs and compliance with program-specific goals.

Linda, our UBC virtual assistant, is a comprehensive platform that engages patients through a digital outreach/chat-bot infrastructure. She provides real-time, intelligent messaging to enhance activities that are not able to be performed by a call center or direct staff outreach. Through automated conversation journeys tailored to your program needs, UBC Pathways® Engage enables you to deliver more effective patient support, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies, and clinical development programs.

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positive patient sentiment


patients saved the client number to mobile devices


less call attempts to patients


conversations on average