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Technology Solutions

Operational excellence through innovative technologies

State-of-the-art, flexible technology platforms
Rapid technology implementation
Process automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

UBC continues to invest in innovative technologies to drive operational excellence and increase speed, efficiency and quality to deliver the best possible experience to patients and stakeholders. Our technology strategy leverages a combination of homegrown, state-of-the-art proprietary software platforms along with industry-leading products to produce a robust solution architecture to serve the needs of our late stage and patient support services clients. This approach provides UBC the flexibility to customize solutions to fit the unique requirements of a given study or program, while leveraging the reuse of core capability sets and intelligent workflows to rapidly deliver value to our clients. Our investments and innovation continue to focus on creating a centralized process and data stewardship, as well as continued engagement with various stakeholders.

  • Launch your program more efficiently with integrated technology solutions that are FDA and EMA compliant (21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11 Compliant).
  • Turnkey frameworks and advanced systems mean your programs will launch faster, deliver higher quality data, with improved stakeholder engagement.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with the latest in industry standards for implementation, encompassing security, scalability, and modality.

Proprietary Platforms and Tools

Full-Service Clinical Development

Patient Support Services

Integrated Solutions

UBC Pathways®

Digital speed-to-therapy and patient engagement solutions

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UBC Pathways
Real World Data Automation

Mosaic Technology Platform

Bringing together real world data (RWD) to enable valuable insights.

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PV Technology Investments

UBC has always operated on the principle that patient safety is a critical industry responsibility. Our people bring a depth of understanding to the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of safety that cannot be matched or replaced
by any technology on the horizon today. UBC’s technology roadmap for PV focuses on tooling that streamlines and simplifies core workflows and maximizes the value these experts bring to the industry.