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UBC Cited in Publication for Smallpox Vaccine Safety Surveillance Study

A vaccine needle

UBC is pleased to be cited in a recent publication of a smallpox vaccine study in the journal entitled, Vaccine

UBC recently participated in a smallpox safety surveillance study. This prospective study included the enrollment of 20,136 subjects who were active-duty military personnel undergoing pre-deployment medical readiness. The trial was initiated to address safety concerns relating to myopericarditis.

Vaccine is the official journal of The Edward Jenner Society and The Japanese Society for Vaccinology. The literature article was published here on September 13, 2020, with contributions from the Naval Health Research Center, Sanofi Pasteur Inc, Emergent BioSolutions, the Department of Health Policy, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and UBC.

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D. J. Faix, D. M. Gordon, L. N. Perry et al., Prospective safety surveillance study of ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine in deploying military personnel, Vaccine,