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Safety & Epidemiology Consulting

UBC Safety & Epidemiology Consulting
The Premier Biopharmaceutical Advisory Partner

Who we are

With over one hundred fifty years of combined industry experience, UBC’s Senior Consulting Group offers unparalleled advisory and consulting services. Our deeply committed consultants engage with our clients to provide strategic advisory support and evidence-generated approaches to meet your most critical needs concerning product safety, effectiveness, and value.

A Scientific Approach

With expertise rooted in science, we excel in global clinical, regulatory, risk management, data management, and epidemiology strategy, as well as program design and implementation, to ensure our clients secure the safe and appropriate use of their products while maintaining patient access.

We Understand Your Unique Requirements

Our expert advisors possess the extensive experience that your program demands. We help you interface with regulators and bring insights to assist in lifecycle management. Our unique expertise in “identifying the right data for the right purpose” sets us apart. This expertise in Real World Data and Evidence Generation will support the optimization of your approval pathway, product positioning, and safety profile maturation.

Our Consultants & Advisors

Our Senior Advisors possess deep scientific knowledge across a broad range of therapeutic areas including rare diseases, pediatrics, and oncology, and understand your needs regardless of whether your product is a new chemical entity, an advanced therapy medicinal product, or a generic or biosimilar. Our expertise and transformative approach to evidence generation creates significant value along the drug development pathway.

Why You Should Partner with UBC’s Consultants

At the core of what we do, we never lose sight of the fact that behind the data is a patient in need.

The UBC Senior Consulting Group, a value-added biopharmaceutical partner, puts successful patient outcomes as our top priority.

UBC’s Industry Experts:

  • Annette Stemhagen, DrPH, FISPE
  • Aaron Berger, PMP
  • Janine Collins, MBBS, LLM
  • Don Gabriel, Ph.D., MD
  • Natalie O’Donnell, RN, BSN
  • Bruce Smith, PharmD
  • Irene Cosmatos, MPH

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