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Real World Data Analytics

Generate Evidence and Value from Global Healthcare Data

UBC’s Real World Data Analytics software effectively and systematically utilizes real-world healthcare data to provide rapid, reliable insight into the safety and utilization of marketed medications along with trends in healthcare.

  • Comparator cohorts for pre- & post-marketing studies
  • Customized database feasibility studies for US and European protocols
  • Protocol and analysis plan development
  • FDA/EMA safety studies
  • Retrospective database studies
  • Natural history studies
  • Drug utilization studies
  • Prospective observational cohort studies

UBC Technology – Automated Software Suite

Retrospective Database Services

UBC’s Real World Data Analytics team provides full service (design through execution) real world evidence (RWE) studies using US and European databases.

  • Pre- and Post-Approval Research: Supports a product’s unique value proposition and identifies other market opportunities to increase market access
  • RWE Supports Regulatory Decisions: Regulators are increasingly interested in scientific evidence from RWD when evaluating a product’s safety and effectiveness



Full-Service Clinical Development