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Mosaic Technology Platform

Bringing Together Real World Data (RWD) to Enable Valuable Insights.

Mosaic is a highly integrated set of technology solutions that accelerate evidence generation and inform critical insights to shorten the drug development lifecycle, optimize market access and drive value. This robust platform enables interaction with key end users across the drug development life cycle from Phase II, III, through filing and post-approval.

Mosaic allows UBC to match existing data we collected throughout operations for Late Stage, REMS, HUB and Safety services together acquired RWD. In addition, Mosaic addresses:

  • Challenges relating to data privacy laws such as HIPAA and GDPR (as well as local variants).
  • Matching of patients from varying data sources with a variety of identifiers.
  • Unification of differing data schemas.
Key Features:
  • Data Acquisition: Ingest data from any data asset providers in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Multimodal End-User Software Touchpoints: Data enrichment and integration across and beyond phases for more robust data insights.
  • Core Data Engine: Safely consume and synthesize data for evidence-generation studies.
  • Cohort Builders and Patient Population Identification: Quickly source, screen and identify populations of specific research.
  • Data Analytics and Insights: Robust analytic tools, data visualization and predictive insights allow for the analysis of the data on multiple levels.
  • Data Enrichment and Linking across Dimensions: Further enrich and link data assets across clinical development phases.

UBC brings the perfect blend of technology along with operational, scientific, technical and analytics expertise to the logistics of your data, so that you can focus on the insights that drive patient outcomes.



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