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Build Trust & Engagement with UBC Nurses

Building relationships with trusted Healthcare Professionals helps patients stay engaged in clinical trials and adherent to their medications. See how our nursing services build trust and engagement with Patients and prescribers to ensure your product performs optimally.

UBC nurses have provided compassionate patient care through more than 3.8 million touches

Our Nurses

Our nurses are at the heart of UBC’s clinical trial engagement and custom medication adherence programs, leading to improved patient outcomes. Rigorous and ongoing education is a cornerstone of this offering; since inception, 24,000 UBC nurses have attended more than 43,000 unique training sessions.

Our nurses are experts in the therapeutic areas that they support. They put this expertise into practice while providing essential patient care through our Clinical Support Centers, Site of Care offering, Field Nursing programs, and Clinical Trial Support.

In a given year, 25 sponsors utilize our nurses to provide support for more than 50 different indications, including 27 rare diseases.

Compassionate Nursing & Adherence Support

UBC nurses are committed to personal, patient-centric care. They help patients around the world live healthier lives. Whether in-person, telephonically, or virtually, our nurses provide personalized support and utilization training for complex specialty products.

Global Coverage

UBC has a global presence through our nursing network of more than 5,600 combined home health agencies and injection center locations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and sponsors can utilize our selective nursing network in the United States or engage our international partnership network, which provides clinical support to patients around the world.

UBC has access to Registered Nurses in 40 countries around the world.
Our nursing network allows us to call upon a UBC-trained clinician within driving distance of more than 90% of the United States population.

Bringing Nursing Care to Patients & Prescribers

  • Clinical Nurse Educators: Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers leverage our Clinical Nurse Educators to help generate product adoption through patient and prescriber engagement.
  • Site of Care: Through UBC Site of Care Services, experienced Registered Nurses provide injection training and administration of complex specialty products to patients in homes, medical offices, and clinics across the United States.
  • Clinical Trial Nursing: Clinical Trial Nursing Services drive study participation and reduce the risk of patients dropping out of a clinical trial by bringing the study to the patient’s home in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and throughout Europe.
In a given year, our nurses complete more than 60,000 visits, providing nursing services for over 22,000 patients and 4,200 prescribers.

Around-the-Clock Support

Staffed by Registered Nurses, our Clinical Support Center provides product information, patient education, REMS support, and Adverse Event reporting. Sponsors rely on UBC’s trusted Clinical Support Center nurses to assist patients, caregivers, and Healthcare Providers at their convenience.

In a given year, 300+ UBC nurses dedicated to our Clinical Support Centers handle more than 860,000 high-touch calls.