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Personalized Patient Support for Complex Treatment Journeys

UBC began managing a reimbursement hub for a physician-administered, intramuscularly injected medication for opioid and alcohol dependence. As the program evolved, UBC recommended a regional nursing adherence program, which, after initial success, transitioned to cover a national footprint and was combined with the existing reimbursement services.

Personalized Patient Support Case Study Preview

Through understanding the patient and their journey, UBC designs hub program to meet their unique needs. This approach is integrated into staff training, call quality and evaluation, as well as collaboration between the manufacturer, management, and program staff to incorporate feedback and learnings from patients.

Download this case study to learn how UBC supported the access and adherence needs of schizophrenia, alcohol addiction, and opioid addiction patients.

Patients with Complex Treatment Journeys Benefit from Personalized Education and Access Services Case Study

To learn more about how UBC considers each patient and indications needs when designing personalized patient support services, click here.