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Better understand program performance, while maximizing value to patients and payers.

UBC’s data analytics services help optimize the performance of product and patient support programs through the use of our proprietary technology.

Visual dashboards Visual dashboards give sponsors access to actionable information through a robust, customizable and on-demand platform. Our data visualization solutions allow our pharma partners to drill deep into the data, helping to make informed decisions about their support programs, patients, and products.

Custom Reporting Our reporting capabilities provide custom, flexible and targeted data visibility. These reports and alerts will keep you up-to-date on program milestones, key performance indicators, and give you the ability to conveniently exchange stakeholder insights.

Data Feeds Our customized feeds help you exchange data with internal or 3rd party data aggregators. We interface with all major aggregators, and tailor our feeds to meet the unique needs and specifications of our partners.

Our seasoned analysts help improve the performance of your patient support programs by working intimately with your operations team. We provide in-depth data insights and offer actionable recommendations for improvement.

UBC leverages pharmacy and medical claims, lab, EMR, and a wide array of additional external sources to inform our pharma partners: Drug launch & field placement strategy, brand management and competitive intelligence, real-world evidence and patient outcomes, and population health and disease management.

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