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Clinical Education

Educate and Empower

Our qualified clinical educators work closely with clients and patients to deliver comprehensive adherence and education programs. Powered by UBC Pathways® Engage, your patients create meaningful relationships with your brand through our services.

Leading pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers trust UBC’s expert Clinical Nurse Educators to help train their field sales teams. Our goal is to ensure high levels of engagement and education, centered around clinical benefits of a product, administration, and available patient support services.

  • Product and disease education
  • Administration training
  • Healthcare provider support and education
  • Adherence outreach and support programs
  • Peer-to-peer trainings

UBC designs personalized, patient-centric adherence programs by utilizing the right combination of our high-tech UBC Pathways® Connected Health solutions and our high-touch Nursing Support Services.

  • Tailored telephonic outreach to educate patients
  • Patient Risk Assessments
  • Outbound patient communications
  • Clinical Care Center with 24/7 access to registered nurses
  • Medication reminders – visual, audible, and mobile aids
  • Virtual Coaching – interactive patient education videos
  • Data-driven insights and behavioral research

Keeping patients adherent through high-touch care, compassionate support, and multiple communication channels.

  • Mobile Messaging – demo the platform here
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web & Video Chat
  • Email and Telephonic Support


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