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Care coordination

Comprehensive Care Coordination

By coordinating exceptional and compassionate care, UBC partners with patients throughout their healthcare journey, regardless of setting or need, to eliminate barriers to care.

Nationwide Network of Registered Nurses and Pharmacists

UBC provides access to one of the largest national networks of credentialed Home Health Agencies with clinical expertise in a wide variety of product delivery methods and disease states.

Our Network

  • Provides education and support in patients’ homes, infusion clinics, and other sites
  • Is one of the largest national networks of credentialed Home Health Agencies
  • Is educated on program-specific content and must pass a rigorous competency test prior
  • Is specifically trained in the disease state and the unique administration method, supporting each product
  • Utilize a state-of-the-art database with mapping technology for quick processing of patient referrals and deployment of a trained and qualified nurse or healthcare professional within the patient’s geographic location

UBC Clinical Care Centers

Our clinical care coordinators work closely with clients and patients to deliver comprehensive adherence and education programs for complex, rare, and specialty therapies, including cell and gene.

Our Clinical Care Coordinators

  • Provide in-person and virtual education on disease states, devices, and product usage instructions
  • Manage medical information hotlines, receiving inbound inquiries from patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers
  • Manage adverse event reporting in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Complete and submit adverse event and product complaint information to the manufacturer’s regulatory affairs and medical information departments
  • Process product or educational material replacement requests


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