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Access Services

Making Therapy Accessible with Empathy and Determination

We not only excel at overcoming challenges that impede timely patient access to therapy, but we listen, wholeheartedly, to the stories of your patients — and continually go above and beyond to help them. We design the best program for your product and patient population by using the right combination of high-touch services and high-tech solutions.

Overcoming Barriers to Product Access

We understand that every patient is unique and faced with their own barriers to gaining access to medication. Our patient access experts will fight for your patients to help them through financial hurdles, administrative bottlenecks, and any other barriers that are keeping them from the therapy as prescribed by their doctor.

Support means different things to every patient and family; financial, emotional, physical, mental. By understanding the unique needs of every patient, we collaborate with you to design the best program for your product and patient population.

Improve Speed to Therapy

UBC’s experienced team of reimbursement specialists, understand the complexities of the payer landscape and help guide patients & prescribers through:

  • Centralized point of entry for all program enrollments
  • Benefit optimization
    • Pharmacy, Medical, Buy & Bill
  • Prior authorization and appeals process management
  • Coding, billing, and claims support
  • Financial assistance eligibility determination
    • Affordability support including co-pay, debit, voucher solutions
    • Charitable Foundations
    • Patient Assistance Program (PAP)
  • Insights on payer policies and coverage information
  • Quick Start/Bridge
  • Product fulfillment tracking

Field Services

UBC’s field services are strategically designed to bring reimbursement and clinical services directly to the offices of your prescribers and to the homes of your patients.


High-touch calls


Benefit Investigations


Prior authorizations


Pharmacy triages < 7 days

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Patient Access


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