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Patient Support Services

Guiding patient journeys, supporting exceptional care and outcomes

UBC’s comprehensive patient support services create an optimal patient experience by improving speed to therapy and overcoming clinical concerns.

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  • Access Services | Speed to Therapy

    Overcome financial and administrative obstacles by helping patients and providers with comprehensive and efficient access services.

  • Clinical Education | Educate and Empower

    Improve patient outcomes through comprehensive adherence and education programs.

  • Care Coordination | Eliminate Barriers

    Support patients throughout their healthcare journey regardless of setting and need.

Our patient support services create a hub that can be customized to meet your brand objectives while addressing the needs and requirements of patients, caregivers, prescribers, pharmacists, payers and regulators. UBC applies a holistic approach to the patient care continuum designed to maximize a product’s market penetration as well as its growth potential.

UBC’s new state-of-the-art Patient Support Center is located in Lake Mary, Florida.

Patients First… We offer customized wraparound support, with an emphasis on the patient experience, safety, and adherence.

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Patient Support Services