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Video For Patient Recruitment: Maximize Your Trial Participation

Creating videos for patient recruitmentDid you know that the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text and that of all the information transmitted to the brain, 90% is visual?1

When faced with complex topics, we’re hardwired to choose information that’s easier to absorb. And in the medical field, a well-designed video can mean the difference between a patient opting in or opting out of a clinical trial. When patients do participate, they are being asked at a larger rate to record information outside of site visits, whether it’s completing a health assessment or recording symptoms/severity of illness in a patient diary. To illustrate this, the typical Phase III protocol now collects more than one million data points, double the level observed 10 years ago. That data is coming from a far more diverse collection of applications, including electronic clinical and patient-reported outcomes assessments, as well as wearable and mobile devices.2

Using our knowledge of patient recruitment and retention in the clinical trial space, UBC’s Patient and Physician Services (PPS) team can produce animated and live-action videos that simplify the clinical trial process, allowing patients to make smarter, more informed decisions and complete all study requirements.

UBC has produced creative materials and multi-media education tools for 350+ clinical and commercial programs worldwide. Our graphic designers, clinicians, and global recruitment and engagement specialists work together to ensure content is appropriate for the intended stakeholder/s (Patient, Caregiver, HCP/Study Coordinator) and meet the regulatory requirements of each country included in the study.

Types of videos UBC has produced include:

• Recruitment videos (Informed Consent, Study Overview, and FAQ’s)
• Retention (self-administered drug administration instructional video, diary/patient-reported outcomes completion instructions)
• Site training/informational videos
• Rater Training/Assessment Instructions
• Motivational videos from study Key Opinion Leaders/MSL’s

Contact us to find out how you can use video for patient recruitment and simplify your clinical trial.