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Supporting Research and Patient Care Continuity

Supporting Research and Patient Care Continuity

No industry, including the biopharmaceutical industry, is immune from the COVID-19 health crisis and its far-reaching impact. With pressure on existing healthcare resources, including limited visiting hours, operating staff and hospitals limiting nonessential personnel, the needs of patients and studies must continue to be prioritized. At UBC, we are poised and ready to address your program’s challenges and needs through our existing call centers, remote and virtual technology solutions, and our strong network of highly skilled nurses.

Global Clinical Services

UBC's Research Continuity Toolkit

You need a dynamic and wide-ranging set of solutions to support the unique challenges your sites and patients face as we all seek to maintain study engagement and research continuity.

We have assembled the UBC Research Continuity Solution set to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and support sites and patients participating in research.

Patient Contingency Call Center

A call center can serve as an effective communication channel for study patients seeking information and guidance on their participating study. This acts as an ‘insurance policy’ to mitigate the risk of patients losing their ability to communicate with their site due to personnel being reallocated to critical healthcare delivery.

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Decentralized Research Technology Platform

Transforming in-office patient visits to a virtual format requires a robust and compliant technology platform with the following capabilities:

  • On-demand telehealth virtual study visits: Facilitate communications between site personnel and patients in a fully compliant virtual environment
  • Patient Generated Data collection (including ePRO/eCOA): Web-based device applications and wearables
  • Virtual assistant and text messaging platforms: Deliver study information and assistance for patients and caregivers through secure and compliant technology
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Home Nursing Visits

A careful review of the study visit schedule and data collection objectives may reveal that select study visits are suitable to occur in the form of a home nursing visit. Our network of clinical study nurses are protocol trained to perform lab sample collection, drug administration and routine assessments in patient homes in the U.S. and more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Best Practices for Conducting On-Site Visits

For visits that must continue to occur at the site due to complex assessments with specialized equipment and PI-administered treatment, we have developed a thorough set of best practices that provide guidance to sites to ensure visits are conducted in the safest manner possible to protect site staff and patients.

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Remote Study Monitoring

With CRAs unable to travel and many research centers’ doors closed to external personnel, the essential functions of source document verification and data cleaning must be performed remotely.

  • Our technology platform enables sites to upload redacted source documents via secure channels for remote review.
  • Where possible, we are deploying EMR-enabled remote Source Document Verification solutions to allow the CRA read-only access to study participants’ medical records.
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Patient Support Services

Supporting Patient Care Continuity

From routine and maintenance dosing, to safeguarding independent and confident therapy administration, driving nursing care during complex times is vital.

Telephonic & In-home Care Coordination

As many physician practices are operating with limited hours and staff, we can ensure patients have reliable options to receive continued nursing services, whether on the phone or in person.

For more than 20 years, UBC has maintained and managed a nationwide home health network of more than 1,500 agency partners. Our network stands ready to coordinate nursing care in all 50 states.

Network Support

  • UBC manages a nationwide network of sub-contracted Home Health Agencies (HHA) to staff in-home referrals that require a registered nurse.
  • The network comprises more than 1,600 HHAs, strategically designed to yield the best possible footprint, based on U.S. population density.
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Nursing Support

UBC manages a nationwide network of Per Diem Nurses (PDN) to staff in-home referrals that require a health care provider for administration or education:

  • Experienced in patient disease education, self-injectable medications, infusions and biologics
  • A UBC contracted nurse is within driving distance of 90% of the U.S. population
  • Robust credentialing and on-boarding process, including competency testing
  • Outbound calls for patient satisfaction
  • AE/PC Reporting
  • Post-visit quality/satisfaction survey with patient and family members elicits information in “real-time” to provide an immediate feedback loop to UBC and the provider to capture satisfaction with the RN, training and materials
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Leveraging our broad service solutions and scientific resources

As a global provider of late stage and patient support services, UBC is committed to leveraging our expertise to work quickly to address challenges relating to sites and patients receiving the care and support they need.

With our extensive global experience in pre- and post-marketing research and epidemiology, as well as our strong relationships with the FDA and EMA, our team is continuously assessing the impact of COVID-19 on our client programs now and has contingency solutions in place to address potential risks to patients and programs’ overall health.

UBC prioritizes the health and well-being of our employees and their families, the patients and customers we serve and the communities where we live and work. To discuss how our solutions can be customized to support you during these challenging times, please get in touch with us today.