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Pathways to Improved Patient and Prescriber Experiences

Using technology to enhance patient and prescriber experiencesIt’s been just about a year since UBC launched UBC Pathways, our proprietary suite of healthcare analytics and technology solutions that improve patient and prescriber journeys to ultimately help patients access their medications as quickly as possible and stay adherent to their therapy.

We built Pathways on our strong foundation of patient access services (including reimbursement services) and expanded our electronic offerings to simplify the patient and provider experience. Our goal: to support the patient journey as a continuum of services, not as a series of disconnected episodes of administrative burden, each requiring repetitive information gathering and processing, each creating an additional obstacle to treatment.

What We Learned

Since launching the program, 14 clients are utilizing Pathways, with a combined 10,000+ transactions, including electronic benefit verification (both pharmacy and medical), prior authorization, signature, and income verification. The result: UBC Pathways saved patients a combined 22,000 days of waiting to get onto therapy, which in turn is driving down script abandonment and helping patients on their journey to positive outcomes.

We’re Not Finished Yet

With the success of our initial product launch, we’re continuing to focus on innovative ways to help our clients provide patient and prescriber services that allow patients to get on therapy more quickly and stay on therapy while removing administrative and manual burdens.

What’s Next

1. We are pleased to announce that Pathways can now be deployed and integrated into your internal CRM system or used remotely through our UBC Pathways portal platform – even when UBC is not your hub provider.

2. We’re filling in gaps to meet your brand needs. These extensions are unique in the industry, combining data sources, standards, and our experts’ knowledge on patient access and support to drive waste and inefficiency out of patient support.

3. Finally, we’re adding new capabilities that are positioned to help your brand adapt to the rapidly changing world of value-based services, aligning therapy and patient support with prescribers’ and payers’ objectives.

Would you like to see how UBC Pathways can help you unlock a faster path to therapy for your patients? Contact us.