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UBC Virtual Assistant, Linda, Demonstrates Improvement in Patient Engagement and Therapy Adherence in Patient Support Programs

Friday, January 22, 2021

UBC, a leading global late-stage and patient support services provider, has introduced UBC Pathways® Engage – a virtual patient engagement platform featuring a digital concierge named Linda, designed to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

UBC’s library of intelligent and automated conversation journeys under UBC Pathways®, the company’s comprehensive technology suite, is proven to more effectively educate patients, improve contact rates, as well as positively impact patient adherence and therapy compliance.

According to UBC’s Ron Lacy VP, Products & Innovation, “The biopharmaceutical market is embracing Linda. Linda is enabling clients to deliver more tailored touchpoints and critical care updates to the mobile devices of patients. Where we have deployed this technology, we are seeing 95% positive patient sentiment in response to the inclusion of mobile messaging in the patient’s therapy journey, along with improved patient outcomes.“

Lacy continues, “Our clients have seen on average a 10% decrease in patients deciding to leave the therapy program, as well as an 18% increase in average shipments to patients when comparing patients that utilize Linda versus those who don’t. Our clients regularly tell us how much they appreciate Linda for patient populations that can often be hard to reach and stay compliant with their prescribed therapy. We consistently hear how much the digital assistant has made it so much easier for our clients’ patients to understand their path towards recovery and support.”

From enrollment to real-time automated benefits, coverage determination, and coordination, UBC Pathways® Engage allows pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers, healthcare providers, and systems to transform traditional patient access and adherence programs. UBC Pathways® Engage and Linda is improving patient support across the entire care continuum above and beyond patient support programs – including REMS, clinical development, decentralized trials, and long-term safety surveillance programs.

UBC is committed to improving experiences and outcomes through access, education, and care coordination for patients on specialty products. This includes the organization’s innovative UBC Pathways® Platform providing a range of services, including electronic enrollment, electronic benefit verification (eBV), electronic prior authorization (ePA), and latest in-workflow services to ease enrollment into patient support programs.

A patient receives support using a virtual assistant