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Patient & Physician Services

Using the best people and the right tools to meet or exceed your study enrollment

At UBC, we use the latest technology and employ an experienced and dedicated team to deliver global patient recruitment services. We develop and execute investigator communications and patient recruitment, providing retention and education programs that enhance the visibility, efficiency, and viability of clinical studies.

We offer innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech Sponsors. This includes access to data via pharmacy and medical claims, customized site support and cutting-edge technologies which differentiate UBC in the patient recruitment field. We also offer innovative patient engagement solutions in the commercial space.

Patient Recruitment | Each site market is different and requires a customized recruitment approach.

Evidence Development

Our Key Differentiators

We are a full-service patient recruitment and retention group with the clinical backing of the entire UBC organization. As part of a larger research organization, we can call on internal medical and scientific experts who provide crucial insights into every protocol and target audience for a study. The combination of this knowledge, and experienced recruitment specialists– with access to proven recruitment techniques – provides all the elements to meet any study’s recruitment needs.

Evidence Development