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The Critical Nature of In-Home Nursing in 2022

Friday, October 14, 2022

Coming out of the last 2 years, we can all agree that patient behavior has changed. Everyone is navigating more home-based services in their day-to-day lives, including healthcare.

For patients, we know the journey to diagnosis can be long, stressful, and emotional. If you think of this process from the patient’s point of view, you can see how patient behavior is evolving at various milestones of their journey. Once diagnosed, the patient is dealing with this new chapter of life and accepting what is their new reality. With a diagnosis comes a therapy; many of which are specialty therapies requiring injectable, HCP administered, titration, or require a clinical observation period.

Simply providing patients with injection instructions or asking them to schedule with their HCP office is no longer enough to truly support their journey. UBC offers to support patients in their homes or a nearby clinic with their new therapy. Whether it is disease education, product injection/administration, or observation, UBC has a nurse at the ready within reasonable driving distance of 90% of the US population. The availability of our National Nurse Network allows for both flexibility in visit times and the comfort of home to focus on the clinical task at hand. Our network includes more than 1,800 Home Health agencies and 15,000 nurses to provide the right nurse, at the right time, for the right therapy.

We focus on matching the nurse’s skillset and experience to the patient’s therapy needs. Our registered nurses complete program training that’s built in partnership with the manufacturer. We take a strong educational approach to ensure our nurses are operating within stringent guardrails. Our site-of-care team ensures continuity of care by having a keen understanding of state regulations, licensing, and using the same nurse for recurring visits to bring the patient comfort and confidence.

By nature, humans are creatures of habit, and a new diagnosis causes stress and anxiety. By scheduling a nurse to provide in-home services we provide support that goes beyond medication dispensing. We are dedicated to providing services across the board that will fit patients’ routines and habits to facilitate ideal adherence and outcomes.

UBC’s history in the in-home nursing space spans more than 20 years, with more than 560,000 visits in support of patients who’ve been prescribed life-changing therapy. Learn more about how UBC supports patients with in-home nursing or throughout their treatment journey.

About the Author

Sarah Middleton is a Senior Program Manager of Operations for UBC. With over 25 years of operational experience, she helps biopharmaceutical companies design, implement, and scale in-home care solutions. Sarah brings deep knowledge to drive operations forward in a streamlined manner.