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Best Practices for Conducting On-Site Visits

For visits that must continue to occur at the site due to complex assessments with specialized equipment and physician-administered treatment, we have developed a thorough set of best practices that provide guidance to sites to ensure visits are conducted in the safest manner possible to protect site staff and patients.

The top three on-site visit best practices are listed here. Download the full best practices guide for all thirteen.

  1. Give your patients the option to avoid the waiting room experience by giving them the option to wait in their car in the parking lot and receive a text when it is time to enter the site for the study visit to commence.
  2. Only use a waiting room if it is possible to ensure social distancing procedures at all times. Position all chairs no less than six feet apart and remove any extra chairs. Limit the number of patients in the waiting room by bringing patients right to exam rooms upon arrival.
  3. Remove items from the waiting room, such as magazines and children’s toys.

A woman uses best practices for on-site visitsWe’re in this together. By following these on-site visit best practices, we can help ensure that patients and site staff remain safe and healthy while ensuring our clients’ important clinical studies remain uninterrupted.

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