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United BioSource LLC (UBC) is a leading provider of pharmaceutical support services, partnering with biopharmaceutical companies to make medicine and specialty therapies safer and more accessible. UBC is well known for our expertise in generating authoritative, real-world evidence of product effectiveness, safety, and value. We specialize in evidence-based research for both emerging and leading pharmaceutical companies with a primary focus on rare diseases, novel indications, and specialty therapies. UBC’s focus is to assist healthcare decisions and enhance patient care throughout the entire product lifecycle. We accomplish this through a consultative approach built around decades of epidemiological and operational experience. UBC provides tailored solutions to help your product progress from phase II research, safety and REMS, through post-product launch patient support services and commercialization.


To partner with the biopharmaceutical industry as the leader in real world evidence, late stage operations and consulting, safety initiatives, as well as patient access and engagement. UBC powers your therapies through scientific expertise and an entrepreneurial mindset, focusing on expanding technological and evidence generation frontiers.


To empower patients to participate in leading research and, ultimately, deliver safe and effective treatment options that are accessible, affordable, and supported for use.

Our History

UBC was founded in 2003 by industry experts with a passion for innovation and a commitment to working with pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations in proving the safety, efficacy, and value of pharmaceutical and medical products. We recognized the opportunity to build an organization tailored to meet the need for scientific evidence in the healthcare industry. We quickly developed our core strength – the generation, analysis, and communication of real-world evidence throughout the product lifecycle. In the winter of 2017, we divested from Express Scripts and reestablished ourselves in the marketplace as a standalone premier pharmaceutical services provider.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At UBC, we celebrate our differences! We value each difference as a key strength that enables us to bring multiple perspectives to the table and enrich the decisions we make in all aspects of our business. We are committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture that fosters respect for each other, our clients, and our patients.

Our Values

Collaboration: work as a team – maximize the potential of our colleagues and clients

Integrity: act ethically – earn and live up to the trust others place in you

Respect: be mindful of the needs and situations of colleagues, clients, and patients

Accountability: take responsibility for all of your actions – own the results

Innovation: foster creativity and push boundaries – create trends and better methods

Quality: create value in the products and services that we provide – strive for best-in-class