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The Future of Patient Enrollment and Retention – SCOPE 2019

The Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) is one of the few conferences that focuses on the challenges of patient enrollment and retention for clinical research. This year’s event, held in Orlando, FL, Feb 18-21, brought together more than 1,800 stakeholders including representatives from pharma, CROs, NIH, and an array of clinical research specialty vendors.

One of the larger themes discussed around patient recruitment was a focus on engagement. With the increasing use of online tools, apps, wearables, and online communities, how can we engage with participants from enrollment to randomization, through a study, and even after a study’s conclusion? Clinical research is no longer viewed as a commodity, but a chance to partner with participants as customers beyond one study.

During the meeting, I presented an overview of how patient enrollment and retention is changing through “Virtual Interactions: Effective Patient Recruitment Strategies in the Digital Era.” Most clinical research recruitment these days has some online component and the industry continues to shift more and more resources into digital outreach. Some key areas to think about include:

• Balancing old media and online outreach to reach your target audience
• The regulatory and legal framework needed by sponsors when initiating online activity
• What social media tools are best for your study, and how to reach the audience you need
• How online interactions can support outreach in rare disease studies
• Understanding that when recruitment ends, online interactions can play a vital role in retention and patient engagement
• How post-trial communities like UBC’s WeLink can engage study participants and build a community that supports future research

A leader in UBC's patient enrollment and retentionUBC is a leader in patient enrollment and retention for the biopharmaceutical industry. Our comprehensive approach to patient recruitment through strategy, design, web development, site support, transportation, home nursing, outreach, and retention sets us apart as the ideal partner for any size company needing support at any stage.

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