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Using Real World Data for More Efficient Decisions in Clinical Research

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Generating Real World Evidence of product safety and effectiveness is becoming more important when presenting evidence to regulators, payors, and in meeting post-marketing requirements. Seamless ingestion and analysis of disparate sources of Real World Data is critical to successfully executing Real World Evidence studies. Advancements in interoperability, data linkage, and patient identity management have made this possible for researchers.

UBC’s Director of Enterprise Data Services Jeff Lowry broke down what technology capabilities will be key to maximizing your evidence generation capabilities in this whitepaper “Using Real World Data for More Efficient Decisions in Clinical Research.” Dive into the specifics of:

  • Data needed for interventional and non-interventional research
  • The challenges presented by data diversity
  • How to address patient privacy
  • The future of global data requirements

Learn all this and more by downloading this complimentary whitepaper here.