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Real-World Evidence, Health Economics and Outcome Research, and Epidemiology: An Integrated Approach 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Recent breakthroughs in the use of multidisciplinary evidence generation are accelerating drug development and reshaping market access.  Our latest white paper Real-World, Evidence, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, and Epidemiology: An Integrated Approach examines a framework for strategic decision-making to assess the clinical and cost-effectiveness of your therapeutic to create evidence that drives value for patients and stakeholders.

Receive your copy to learn more about:

  • Integrated RWE strategy
  • HEOR metrics & analysis
  • Pharmacoepidemiology research

UBC’s Ying Tabak, PhD, VP, Global RWE, HEOR, & Epidemiology, Jun Wu, PhD, Executive Director, Global RWE & HEOR, and Judy Lytle, PhD, Executive Director, Study Solutions explore this comprehensive approach to a patient-first evidence generation strategy that supports your needs across the product life cycle.

Download our White Paper