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Racial Injustice Will Not Be Tolerated

Amid the current health crisis, we are now facing the pain and heartache of the senseless killing of George Floyd. Unfortunately, we know that there are other black victims like him with no one being held accountable. The dark presence of racial injustice is deeply rooted in systemic discrimination and intolerance. The events unfolding in America and elsewhere in the world have prompted us as humans to take pause and introspect.

We, UBC, support and endorse the voices that peacefully protest demanding effective and equal justice. During these peaceful protests, we have seen where some have taken the opportunity to loot, steal and leave many businesses severely damaged. However, while beyond disturbing, we must not be distracted by the reckless behavior of lawbreakers. We all must remain focused on the important changes that must be made.

We at UBC pledge to strive for fairness and equity in what we do, and how we transact our business and will not tolerate prejudice in any form. Racism, hate, discrimination and injustice have no place within our society and most definitely not in our organization. We support peaceful protests, dialogue, community conversation and most importantly, decisive actions to remove inequality and injustice from our society.

UBC is a diverse global organization and we are a true representation of our global community. What affects our community, our employees and our patients has a deep impact on us. We are inclusive and committed to fostering a culture where respect is more than just a core value. It is a way of life and is a reflection of how we treat each other as colleagues, how we treat our patients and our customers and most importantly, how we value and respect each other as human beings.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Patrick Lindsay
President & CEO