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Patient Services: Technology Forward, But Patients First

Thursday, April 20, 2023

When focusing on improving patient outcomes, it is imperative to focus on the patient experience. Improved patient success and experience are linked with quality of care, operational efficiencies, and patient satisfaction. A key tool to achieve this now is by using technology at optimal touchpoints in the patient’s journey.

Historically, once a patient has been diagnosed and a treatment identified, the physician’s office would manually fill out enrollment and prescription forms and then mail or fax them to the pharmacy and hub. This manual approach to care was highly inefficient as it added unnecessary delays to patients receiving their first treatment and created blind spots for both the physician and the patient.

Utilizing thoughtful and intentional patient-centric technology, the enrollment and prescription process is now streamlined, creating full visibility into the patient enrollment journey and ease of access to treatment.

This can look different across programs depending on the unique factors of the patient and therapy. For a retail therapy, a virtual assistant can be used as a primary point of contact, driving a digital-only experience for direct-to-consumer copay and educational engagement.

As a leader in patient access services, we continue to take the necessary steps to advance technology to improve the lives of patients while partnering closely with physicians.

  • Providing the physician with direct access to online enrollment and signature. Allows for the physician to bypass delays in delivery.
  • Online access for physicians and office staff with real-time visibility to how the patient’s treatment is progressing.
  • Access to patient consent and signature online enables the patient to gain program support within minutes.
  • Keeping the patient informed on the progress of their treatment via text messages gives them real-time updates and support.

In the world today where patients and physicians can access these high-tech solutions from just the palm of their hand it greatly diminishes the time it takes from diagnosis to receiving treatment. It also allows continuous focus on improvement to the overall patient experience and a clear line of sight into enrollment for both the patient and the physician.

UBC continues to innovate and adapt our programs to meet the needs of your patients and therapy. To learn more about our patient-focused and technology-driven programs at Asembia’s Specialty Pharmacy Summit this year, get in touch with our team here.

About the Author

Zach Smith is the Associate Director, Project Management at UBC. He brings over 15 years of experience within the healthcare industry with expertise in implementation for specialty pharmacies and patient services. Zach is committed to utilizing this experience to promote and drive the usage and advancement of new high-tech solutions while always focused on keeping a patients first mindset.