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OCT East Recap: RWD Trends in Clinical Studies

Pharmaceutical leaders and scientists converged at the recent Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Conference in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, to share ideas and discuss recent trends in the clinical trial landscape. One prominent topic continues to revolve around Real World Evidence and the trends emerging within RWE and RWD.

UBC’s Aaron Berger, Senior Director Safety Epidemiology Registries and Risk Management, presented on the essential role that Real World Data and Evidence can play in clinical trial design and execution. This presentation addressed several key concepts:

  • Regulator and payer communities have recognized the immense potential RWD brings to accelerating our ability to answer important questions about the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments.
  • Leveraging RWD is an essential consideration in the design and execution of clinical trials and registries.
  • There are practical applications and use cases for RWD in the domains of study design optimization, site and patient identification, and EMR/EDC interoperability.

UBC is a leading provider of evidence-generation capabilities and our unique expertise in “identifying the right evidence for the right purpose” sets us apart. Our expertise in evidence-generation supports the optimization of your approval pathway, product positioning, and safety profile maturation. By staying on top of RWE and RWD trends we are able to utilize fit-for-purpose technology that drives deep insight for sponsors.

Aaron Berger, UBC's RWD Senior DirectorTo learn more about our practical applications of RWE and partnering in navigating the evidence-generation landscape, please contact us at to initiate the discussion on unlocking the value of RWD and RWE for your next clinical trial or registry.