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UBC, a Provider of Comprehensive and Integrated Care Programs, Announces Enhanced In-Workflow Services to Ease Enrollment into Patient Support Programs

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

UBC has launched a flexible, full-service solution that enables prescribers to enroll patients directly into patient support programs without having to leave their existing electronic health record (EHR) prescription workflow.

The in-workflow service starts when a prescriber sends a prescription to the UBC Pharmacy. From there, UBC Pathways® technology, a suite of solutions to help patients access and adhere to therapy, enables case managers to provide a robust range of services. Integrating this technology simplifies therapy initiation and allows for a more efficient path to services such as eligibility and coverage determination, prior authorization, appeal, affordability, patient engagement, adherence, as well as ongoing care coordination with other fulfillment pharmacies and distributors.

Ron Lacy, a leader in implementing in-workflow services

Ron Lacy, Vice President Product and Innovation

Ron Lacy, Vice President Product and Innovation, UBC said, “the therapies our clients are launching into the market demand the most seamless onboarding experience that combines leading technologies, comprehensive patient access services, and highly skilled clinical staff to optimize how patients start and stay on therapy long-term. UBC expanded the UBC Pharmacy technology platform to facilitate access to the network of UBC-partner pharmacies. This includes a wide mix of both leading commercial specialty pharmacies, retail and non-commercial pharmacies.”

Lacy continued, “Our clients value the flexibility to add their own preferred specialty pharmacies to the network or utilize any or all of the existing UBC network partners. UBC leverages a shared common pharmacy transfer platform enabling wider distribution and coverage options for patients.”

UBC is committed to improving experiences and outcomes through access, education, and care coordination for patients on specialty products. This commitment includes the organization’s innovative UBC Pathways® Platform providing a range of services, including electronic enrollment, electronic benefit verification (eBV), electronic prior authorization (ePA), and the latest mobile messaging solution, UBC Pathways® Engage.

About UBC:
United BioSource LLC (UBC) is a leader in the biopharmaceutical market which provides integrated clinical, safety, and commercialization services. UBC brings together renowned scientific research and operations experts with innovative technologies, allowing for the best patient and healthcare provider experience. Comprehensive, end-to-end services cover product and patient population characterization during development and market entry, as well as a focus on the patient experience, safety, and adherence.

A physician uses in-workflow services