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Virtual & Decentralized Research Solutions

Study designs are rapidly transforming. UBC has comprehensive solutions to collect critical evidence beyond the walls of the traditional study setting, remotely or in the patient’s home. Our wide array of decentralized study capabilities:

  • Accelerate patient enrollment through direct to patient recruitment campaigns that are not restricted by site geography
  • Enrich the patient’s trial participation experience by bringing the study to the patient through home nursing visits, telehealth and remote data capture technology
  • Ease acquisition of patient medical records without the need for investigator intervention
  • Captures ‘any data’ from ‘anywhere’ at ‘anytime’ through elegant yet sophisticated technology and real-world infrastructure

Strategic Consulting for Virtual Study Designs

Our scientific & epidemiology consulting team will assess your protocol, research objectives, schedule of assessments and make recommendations around the most impactful approaches to support a decentralized or virtual model for data collection and engagement. Whether a virtual, decentralized or pragmatic design, UBC will make specific recommendations on approaches that maintain data integrity while executing on project-specific evidence generation goals.

Identifying Patients & Direct to Patient Recruitment

UBC leverages a wide range of real world data through our proprietary Real World Data & Analytics software to:

  • replicate intricate exclusion and inclusion criteria in real world data sources to target the eligible patient population for your study
  • better characterize the physician and patient population
  • guide study design and protocol development
  • facilitate informed decision-making
  • utilize pharmacy and medical claims, lab data, EMR data to directly recruit patients for studies

These sophisticated tools, built by the expert UBC Epidemiology team, are designed for use by non-programmers and yield insights in minutes that would otherwise require complex statistical programming.

 We also incorporate digital recruitment strategies such as advertising, social media, patient website and video.

Data Collection Technologies

Through a variety of comprehensive real world evidence software, UBC evaluates what data needs to be collected, where and from what systems, as well as how the data needs to be structured to answer the questions of interest. UBC implements and executes these purpose-built solutions based on your protocol or product specific requirements.

Data can be collected from many different sources and modalities including:

  • direct to patient engagement technologies
  • in-home nursing visits
  • wearables, sensors and patient-generated data collection
  • cutting-edge technology enabled EMR-agnostic medical record assembly

The types of data collected include:

  • patient reported outcomes (ePRO / eCOA)
  • laboratory / biomarker results
  • genetic lab results
  • clinical subject data

Data Assembly

UBC Pathways Mosaic is an end-to-end data architecture solution, which provides comprehensive data ingestion, aggregation and warehousing for your project allowing you to:

  • trace the patient journey
  • consolidate registry and clinical site data
  • identify payer and HCP behavior
  • enhance data with healthcare marketplace real-world datasets
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Integrated Data Analytics Platform

A series of visual and interactive dashboards to quickly gain valuable insights across a wide array of data elements and data from disparate sources.

The platform facilitates customized analysis and reporting and is specifically built to integrate disparate data sources, as well as support multi-project programs, proactively identify data trends, and manage risks.

Our Advanced Solutions & Software

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