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Terms & Conditions


By registering with United BioSource LLC (together with its affiliates, “UBC”, “we”, “us”, or “our”), you will be asked to provide UBC with information about you and your research facility, including your name, contact information, and educational and professional details (the “Information”). Your Information will be (a) used to tailor our services to best fit the requirements of our clinical trial sponsor, CRO and SMO clients (collectively, “Sponsors”), (b) used to communicate with you (e.g. regarding clinical trial opportunities) and (c) incorporated into a database (the “UBC Investigator Database”) which is used to identify and authenticate Investigators to become involved in clinical trials, observational studies, chart reviews and for other similar purposes.


(a) By submitting your Information via the Investigator Registration Page, you consent to UBC and Sponsors emailing you with updates and alerts regarding clinical trials and activities related to this website, or products and services pertaining to clinical trial involvement. If at any time you would prefer not to be contacted by email, you can (i) send an email to with “unsubscribe” in the subject line, or (ii) following the instructions in the email.

(b) Unless you opt to unsubscribe in accordance with paragraph 2(a) above, your Information will be retained in the UBC Investigator Database for up to 30 years so that we can continue to assess your suitability for future opportunities and contact you throughout the duration of your career. If you choose to unsubscribe however, we will only continue to hold the minimum information which is necessary to ensure that your preferences are respected (i.e. to ensure that you do not continue to receive marketing communications from us).

(c) Once you have submitted Information to UBC, UBC will only use your Information as set out herein and in our Privacy Policy. UBC will be the owner of any and all rights in the UBC Investigator Database, including copyright rights. You will receive no compensation in connection with any of the foregoing.

(d) You consent to UBC and Sponsors checking and verifying any of your Information. You agree to keep UBC updated as to any changes in your Information. Any misrepresentation or inaccuracy in Information or other data you provide may lead to your Information not being included in the UBC Investigator Database.

(e) United BioSource LLC operates the Investigator Registration Page and is the data controller in respect of your Information for the purposes of European data protection law. In accordance with these laws, we have appointed UBC Late Stage (UK) Limited (26-28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7HA (UK)) as our representative in Europe.

(f) Where permitted by law, you have the right to ask us for a copy of your personal data; to correct, delete or restrict (stop any active) processing of your personal data; and to obtain the personal data you provide to us for a contract or with your consent in a structured, machine readable format. You can object to the processing of your personal data in some circumstances (including where we are using the data for direct marketing). In addition, if you are located in the European Union you have a right to complain to your local data protection authority. These rights may be limited (e.g., as required by law). To exercise any of these rights, you can contact us (or our data protection officer) at:

(g) Please see the Privacy Notice for more details about how your Information will be used and your rights and limitations in respect of such Information.


(a) You represent and warrant that (i) you are a Qualified Clinical Investigator or are acting under the due authorization of a Qualified Clinical Investigator to submit information on the Investigator’s behalf, (ii) you are in compliance with all applicable laws that govern your practice including, but not limited to, licensing requirements, and (iii) any Information or data submitted by you will be accurate and complete and will not violate any rights of another person or entity.

(b) If you are providing information on behalf of another person or entity, you represent and warrant that you have been duly authorized to submit information on that person’s or entity’s behalf. You agree not to submit information about any person or entity other than as you have been properly authorized and not to impersonate any other person or entity.


(a) UBC does not guarantee that your Information will be provided to Sponsors, or that Sponsors will contact you. UBC does not determine whether or not you or your patients or healthy volunteers are eligible to participate in any clinical trial and does not guarantee participation in any clinical trial by you or your patients or healthy volunteers. You will not be compensated by UBC for submitting your Information or data. UBC may receive compensation from Sponsors with respect to the UBC Investigator Database.

(b) UBC reserves the right to make disclosures of any Information or Data you submit to the extent that we may be required to do so by law, rule, regulation, subpoena, order, decree, decision or other legal process and as otherwise provided in our Privacy Policy.


(a) UBC may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions and will be relieved of any further obligation upon such assignment. You may not assign your rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of UBC. Subject to the foregoing, these Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon the successors and permitted assigns of you and UBC.

(b) By submitting your Information, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.


Please indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by checking the box below. Upon your acceptance, you will be presented with a form to register or update your Information held in the UBC Investigator Database.


By checking the box below, you acknowledge and agree that you (i) have read and fully understand the above Terms and Conditions, and (ii) would like to receive emails from UBC in relation to future business opportunities (e.g. an invitation to assist in a future clinical trial).


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