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Evidence Development

Evidence-generating solutions to address safety, effectiveness, and real-world outcomes

UBC’s approach to clinical research and safety puts the focus on real-world data.

  • Late-Stage Research & Clinical Trial Management | Accelerate Product Development

    Ensure conclusive study results to support drug approval and market access.

  • Registries & Observational Studies | Meet Evidence Needs

    Epidemiologic approach to the collection and analysis of data for understanding diseases, establishing patient cohorts, and meeting post-marketing regulatory requirements.

  • Real World Data | The Right Data For Your Purpose

    Find out what is right for your purpose between electronic medical records, administrative claims, and specialty databases.

  • Real World Evidence Consulting | Gather Evidence in a Real World Setting

    Novel evidence generation for observational research and pragmatic study designs.


Specialized needs require a customized approach to ensure all product, patient, and market requirements are met. UBC’s comprehensive global services help pharmaceutical and biotech clients prove their products’ effectiveness, safety, and value.

Evidence Development