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Understanding Patients & Engaging Foundations to Optimize Outcomes

June 10, 2021

UBC’s Senior Director of Patient & Physician Services Shazia Ahmad was recently featured in Spencer Health Solutions podcast “People Always, Patients Sometimes.” Shazia participated in a wide-ranging discussion on UBC, her own experiences, and how UBC’s Patients First mentality underpins the approach our Clinical Operations and Patient & Physician Services team takes to engaging patients.

UBC specializes in working with rare disease and orphan designations. These populations are disparate and often are dealing with additional obstacles to participation, which is why UBC engages with many different stakeholders when designing research protocol including; foundations, patient advocacy groups, scientific experts in the community, as well as real world data partners. This approach identifies and meets patients where they already are through direct mail campaigns, digital communities, and mobile messaging.

Decentralized research is shaping the future of the biopharmaceutical industry and these technologies play a key role in patient engagement as well. Decentralized techniques enable more diversity and inclusion in our studies when geographic location is no longer a major consideration. Tune in to the podcast today.



Patient Engagement podcast with Shazia Ahmad