Nicole Hebbert

Head of Patient Access Services

Serving as UBC’s Senior Vice President & Head of Patient Access Services, Nicole Hebbert is responsible for all Patient Access Services within UBC. Nicole leads the Operational Excellence, Client Satisfaction, Patient Engagement, and Program Delivery teams. Nicole’s responsibilities extend externally to our client relationships where, she is responsible for our consulting initiatives surrounding a specialty product’s market entry, access channel, and supply chain considerations. These considerations include approaches for drug delivery that optimize patient access, consider alternate sites of care, and anticipate payer coverage dynamics of the product, as well as prescriber and patient-centered needs.

With over 30 years leading Specialty Pharmacy and Pharma Services teams, Nicole brings a unique perspective and experience set to solving today’s patient services challenges. Focused on transformative and technology-enabled solutions, her strategic engagement model provides consultative and meaningful solutions to all phases of specialty drug commercialization. Nicole’s ‘high tech’ and ‘high touch’ model of designing, implementing, and operating her programs make her a strong business partner to our clients.

Equally committed to employees and patients, Nicole is responsible for the operational health of all Patient Support Services programs at UBC. Using qualitative and quantitative measures, she believes in the constant evolution of services. As payer, privacy, and regulatory shifts demand early insights and prospective solutions, Nicole and her team untangle the dynamic challenges of access, affordability, and adherence.

Nicole has previously served as Vice President, Pharmacy Operations at Priority Health, where she launched some of the industry’s earliest reimbursement hubs and patient support programs for Aetna Specialty Pharmacy and Walmart Specialty. She subsequently spent 9 years in various operational and strategic roles, with increasing responsibility, supporting Express Scripts integrations of Wellpoint and Medco specialty operations. Nicole joined UBC’s leadership team in 2014.