Brett Huselton

SVP, Innovation & Strategic Solutions

Brett Huselton is the Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Solutions at UBC. Brett joined UBC in 2008 and has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical services industry, from early development through commercial support, globally.

In his role, Brett is responsible for expanding UBC’s partnerships and innovations practice, ensuring the deployment of strategic solutions. Given Brett’s tenure with UBC and extensive industry experience, he is focused on evangelizing UBC’s unique position in the market, cultivating new and existing partnerships, and aligning with internal leadership to identify innovations required to enhance UBC’s position in the market.

As market dynamics change, Brett is focused on trends that impact the efficiency of the delivery of work or impact the evidence generation strategies required to meet both clinical and commercial objectives as our clients define their ideal product label and target market.

Brett and UBC focus on making meaningful decisions related to impacting the transformation and advancement of patient care through investing in new approaches, tools, data standards, and technologies that can streamline the acquisition of key data, take advantage of advancements in the interoperability between systems being promoted externally across health systems, payers, data providers, and pharma – as well as modeling and following the patient journey from clinical research encounters through to commercial care to truly point the market to a more value-driven conversation about a product’s safe use, patient-specific benefit, humanistic & clinical value proposition of the data across both individual patients and larger real-world populations.