A.K. Gupta

Chief Information Officer

A.K. Gupta serves as Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer where his team is focused on creating technologies that automate, drive operational efficiency, and introduce technology product capabilities in the areas of cognitive processing, intelligent systems, data and mobility.

He brings to this role more than 20 years of health care experience in technology, product development, pharmacy operations, and pharma services. Throughout his career, his work has focused on the intersection of technology, business processes, and organizational transformation. In addition, A.K. has worked across a variety of computing environments ranging from large-scale enterprise technology development to extreme transaction processing environments to expert knowledge-based systems that leveraged ontologies, inference, and AI. He served as Vice President of Technology at Accredo where he was responsible for all aspects of technology transformation strategy focused on the patient and physician experience.

A.K. is committed to collaborating with UBC’s senior management team on demonstrating value to patients, UBC’s clients, the organization and its employees by operating on a foundation built on trust, integrity, and a shared vision.