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Driving Patient Adherence Through Nursing and Compassionate Connections

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

UBC’s Director of Commercial Strategy and Client Engagement Kelly Elio, RN was featured in the MM+M podcast. Kelly discussed the guiding principles that make a powerful patient support program focused on both access and adherence. Kelly also talked about how channeling nursing practices of empathy and understanding leads to better outcomes for patients.

Blending this compassion with UBC’s disease state knowledge and technology solutions creates a support system and adherence model that complements the traditional focus on patient access. This is embodied by tools like UBC Pathways® Engage, which allows customized interactions for patients based on their preferences and their line of therapy while focusing on communication methods that are most valuable to patients.

To learn more about UBC’s Patient Support Services, click here. You can listen to the full podcast “Driving Patient Adherence Through Nursing and Compassionate Connections” below.