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Bringing Real World Evidence into Clinical Research

Real World Evidence (RWE) is accelerating researchers’ ability to answer important questions about the safety and effectiveness of medical treatments through improved clinical trial design and execution. Real World Data (RWD) and the generation of Real World Evidence are essential in the development of new treatments for patients.  Regulators, payers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers have recognized the immense potential of RWE in accelerating the ability to answer important questions on safety and effectiveness.

UBC’s experts, Annette Stemhagen, Sr. Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Aaron Berger, Sr. Director, SERRM, Gretchen Dieck, Vice President, SERRM, and Haley Kaplowitz, Fmr. Executive Director, Pharmacovigilance, speak to important developments in this domain in their recent whitepaper. Click here to download the whitepaper.

To learn more about UBC’s RWE and RWD capabilities, click here.

Researchers discussing RWE